Odd title?   In this post I would give three short tips for improving your website’s return on investment.

When visitors first arrive at your website, you have three seconds to catch their attention.  How you hook these visitors and get them to stay longer at your website would take a huge post to discuss as there are thousands of different ways to consider.  However, one of the best ways is to remember that the human eye naturally falls in the middle third of the screen (also bear in mind my earlier post “shop mentality”) here you should add your “hook” to keep your visitors at your website and perhaps turn them into customers.  Examples could be, a special offer, an item of particular interest and so on, the list is endless.

If you tie your hook (sorry for the fishing pun!) in with websites on-page optimisation, so much the better as it will be far more effective; it should be based on the web-page’s main keyword after all, a visitor to your site will most likely have arrived there after searching for that keyword – so make sure you give them what they want!

This is really the key to successful web marketing – providing visitors with what they want, no point in having a visitor find your site by searching for a particular product, only to have them see something that has nothing to do with what they were looking for!

OK next tip!   Driving traffic to your website is vital, but just how can you do this without spending huge amounts of money or if you are quite low in the search engines?  Three ways that won’t cost the earth are:

  • Add your website’s URL as a signature at the bottom of every email you send
  • Make sure that your website’s URL is on every bit of paper you send out i.e. letterheads, business cards etc
  • Make a short instructional video (the content must have something to do with your business’ specialist area!) and add your website’s URL as a title, upload this video to and – also make sure it is on your website, video content is a great way to offer your visitors quality content.

My final tip is really a don’t do!  In my opinion, one of the worst things to do is to add adverts from providers such as Google to your website.  We are all tempted to do this as we are promised earnings from our websites.  But, in truth, what is more, likely to happen is that these adverts will be for your competitors – a big no-no!

At the end of the day, your website is only as good as its content, but to ensure your great content is seen, you need visitors and you need these visitors to stay longer than three seconds!