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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is all about ensuring your website looks good no matter the device, screen size or browser. It is no longer necessary to have a separate website for your mobile device and desktop computer.

With responsive web design we give your customers, your brand, no matter the device they view it on.  One website, every device, giving you a greater presence in the digital marketplace and allowing your business to be found whether your customer is at home or out and about.

“80% of internet users own a smartphone” – Oct 2016

Whether you want a website built on an existing platform such as the #1 content management system, WordPress or you need a fully bespoke website system for your business, all our websites are fully responsive. This makes sure that your customers can make the most of your website whether they are in the office, at home or on the go.

These days you don’t want one version of your website for computers, one version for mobile phones, one version for tablets and so on, you need a great looking website that works, regardless of the device or browser. This is what responsive web design is all about.

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Be Seen Everywhere

68% of all Internet traffic will come from a mobile device by 2017 ( 2016). Most old websites look tiny and hard to read on a mobile phone or tablet, with the user often having to slide left to right to read the content, most don’t bother. Try having a look at your website on a mobile phone or use Google’s online mobile test tool to see if your website is ready for mobile devices. Our responsive web design service ensures that your website not only passes the Google mobile test, it also works and looks great.

2 Seconds is all the time your website has to load on a mobile phone before the visitor leaves. If your website doesn’t load quickly on a mobile you may as well not have a website. ( 2016) Don’t let your visitors impression of your business be a bad one.

35% of all users still use a traditional desktop computer. Whilst 65% of all searches are carried out on a mobile device, it is still important to design for desktops too. ( 2016)

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Mobile Phones

Statcounter, a research company that tracks internet use across 2.5m websites, said 51.3% of pages were loaded on mobile devices in October, the first time they have surpassed desktop and laptop computers. – telegraph, 2016

Due to the wide choice of mobile device, better and faster connections and the fact that a lot of us habitually carry a smartphone or similar device everywhere we go makes it the first place many people search for information.

This means making sure your website is mobile friendly extremely important, responsive web design will do this for you.

You should check your website right now, Google have provided a tool to help you check if your site is mobile-friendly. Google mobile-friendly test.

If your website fails the test, don’t delay contact us today and we can provide you with a mobile friendly website to ensure you are not overlooked in this growing market.

Any new website we design for you will factor in mobile device use and we will ensure your website will look its best no matter the device it is viewed on.

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Want a new website that works regardless of the device?


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