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Esthetig Web Design North Wales
Esthetig Web Design North Wales
Esthetig Web Design North Wales Displayed On Multiple Devices Demonstrating That It Is A Responsive Web Design
Project Description

This is our own website. We are very proud of it we wanted to show it off.

As we specialise in WordPress development, it made sense that our website should be built using the WordPress platform. For the sale of our hosting services we use the WooCommerce eCommerce Online Shop, this is a perfect eCommerce solution and is fully scalable no matter how may products or visitors you have.

We wanted our new site to be a great place to show off our services and our work, but also offer a platform for our customers to be able to interact with us. Our new website has to offer latest news, articles and information that would help our customers and anyone else looking for information about web design.

Project Details

Client: Esthetig Web Design
Type: CMS and eCommerce Website
Technologies: WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML5, JQuery

Built on the WordPress platform with WooCommerce eCommerce Online Shop. We have used several differing technologies on the website to bring functionality as well as ensuring that the site works and looks great no matter what device it is displayed on. Technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, PhP and MySQL were used.

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