Great Websites

Great websites start with great planning!

However, before you start planning the design and functionality (these are important – but later) it is important to start at the beginning.
The beginning of any design to achieve a great website is to consider who your market is. Who are you aiming your website to? Who will use it the most?

Just deciding to target your great websites for everyone is ok if your product or service is something that everyone will want and you can provide your product or service to everyone. For example, here we must consider who everyone is. This is all age groups including children – would children need your product or service? It also means in every country regardless of trade restrictions (your country may not allow you to sell to certain countries – if in doubt check first!).

By now I am sure that you are realising that targeting your website at everyone isn’t the best use of your time and resources. As an extra bonus, you will be rewarded by the search engines for not targeting everyone with higher rankings – you will always achieve higher rankings and great websites by narrowing your target audience.

Narrowing your target audience

Realistically, your great websites will be used by a certain demographic – i.e. a certain age group and geographic region. You may only supply to your own country – if this is the case, you can narrow your keywords to your country. If your product or service is most likely only to be used by a certain age group then target that group.

Before you even think of the design of your site getting your target audience right is vital, this will determine the look and feel of your website; differing age groups or even genders respond differently to websites depending on the look and feel – the design is determined by who you are targeting – get it right and you will be onto a successful website.

It is important to design your website for your audience, not for your business.