Finding Images

Finding great images for your new website can seem a daunting task. But you have a number of different options available:

Take the photos yourself

This can be a great way if you are good with a camera. Please bear in mind being good with a camera doesn’t mean you know which way to point it. As most professional photographers will tell you, a great composition goes way beyond just being able to balance the image in the viewfinder. Many photographers will take photos at different times of the day, just to ensure the perfect lighting, in the studio they will work hard to ensure the correct lighting for the image they want to achieve.

Hire a Freelance Photographer

If you don’t know a good freelance photographer, consider asking friends or colleagues, also consider that in most circles on Facebook or Google + there will be some freelance photographers or people that can recommend one. OK so you will have to factor in their prices to the cost of your website, but it is well worth that extra spend if you want unique photos on your site.

Royalty Free Photos

Don’t be tempted to simply pull images off Google Images, that way will lead to an expensive court case and you will most likely lose it!

There is an exception to this, some images on Google have a Creative Commons Licence attached to them, these are ok for you to use. Images that are free for you to use in Google Images will have a “CC” in a cirlce attached to them in the details. If you prefer to use, you will see the Creative Commons Licence information if you right click on the image.

Beyond Google Images and Flickr, there are a large number of Stock Photo websites such as (free stock photos), and our personal favourite (very reasonably priced high quality photos)

Royalty free sites such as, and have become very popular, they offer free photos on a weekly/monthly basis sent straight to your inbox – check them out there are some beautiful photographs available.