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Cloud Computing Vs Regular Computing: An Explanation From NuoDB

Cloud Computing vs Regular Computing: An Explanation From NuoDB

Cloud Computing vs Regular Computing: An Explanation From NuoDB

Most casual web surfers have probably heard about cloud computing by now, but few consumers realize just how much this new technology has revolutionized the digital world in just the past few years.

A cloud, or the cloud when talking about cloud computing in general, is simply a remote network of computers that stores data and provides processing support for digital applications. Many internet users take advantage of cloud computing every day. For example, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu store videos on the cloud.

Similarly, the web-based versions of Microsoft Word and Excel allow users to store documents and spreadsheets on the cloud rather than on their own devices. Thanks to services like Steam, gamers no longer need to buy discs or download software; all game data can be stored and accessed via cloud. If you’ve ever relied upon Google Maps for directions, you should give the cloud credit for helping you reach your destination. Every time you visit your Facebook profile, it must first be retrieved from the cloud.

Cloud storage services let clients store files such as documents, databases, music, photos and videos remotely. Other companies offer cloud storage to customers who buy their products; for example, subscribers to BT broadband can receive up to 500GB of space on the cloud depending on which package they purchase.

Cloud Storage: Quick, Convenient and Secure

The greatest benefit the cloud provides is data backup. If you store all of your files on a device that gets stolen or broken, then they are gone forever. With cloud storage, your pictures, documents and databases will all live forever in the digital ether. Cloud storage services also allow you to access those files from anywhere on any device. As soon as you upload a picture to the cloud from your smartphone, you can start editing the same photo on your laptop within seconds. Cloud storage is especially convenient for groups of people working on large scale projects from multiple devices since edits and updates can be made simultaneously and instantly.

Cloud Computing vs Regular Computing

Cloud computing has practically eliminated memory limitations. In the dark ages, a little over a decade ago, web developers had to rely upon their own servers to support their applications. If they needed more memory, they had to invest in more hardware, and they were responsible for all maintenance. Some organizations still handle those things in-house, but the SQL cloud database is changing that, and it’s allowing for more reliable and consistent user experiences.

Instead of cluttering your hard drive and keeping up with USB sticks, storing things on the cloud can significantly lighten your load. Even better, you’ll be able to send files to anyone from anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection.

The Sky is the Limit Thanks to Cloud Services from NuoDB

In our on-demand economy, every millisecond counts. Users expect to click on links and instantly access the content they desire. Therefore, if you have an application with dozens or thousands of simultaneous users, a reliable cloud storage service like NuoDB can guarantee the continuous availability and transactional consistency that are so important to serving a global and mobile customer base.

NuoDB provides cloud storage for software developers who rely upon databases for their services-based applications. Thanks to its compatibility with many different platforms, NuoDB is ideal for most developers who want to consolidate their data into one logical, durable database that never lets down customers.

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